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Fınd a route

Baysaş Holding derives its strength from its belief in the future


In the construction sector, which is the main field of activity; turnkey projects, Urban transformation projects, education campuses investment projects, high-tech buildings, industrial facilities, infrastructure projects, roads, bridges, intersections, high-rise buildings, mass housing projects, business centers, apartments, luxury residences, villas, real estate development projects Performed by Baysaş İnşaat; With its planned and stable growth policy, it continues to serve in a wide range of activities by creating sub-industry and service branches in order to meet the developing needs of the market and the expectations of its customers, as well as the construction sector.

The company, which is crowning its 26th anniversary with the Istanbul 216 project, consisting of 1173 independent sections in a 190,000 square meter closed area, which it has been carrying out within the scope of Turkey's first planned urban transformation project, has, in the past 26 years, 240 thousand square meters of residences and 60 thousand square meters of commercial areas. It has realized the construction and sales processes of many valuable projects such as Golden Tower, Gold Tower, Adana Meridyen, Cumbalı Konaklar with a total of 300 thousand square meters of closed area.

Our company, which adds infrastructure services to its projects in the next period, combines its knowledge and experience with the most up-to-date technologies and offers it to your service with end-to-end solutions.

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